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For nearly two decades I considered Harvard Business Review my best source of business thinking.  My subscription lapses this month.  Engaged in a startup, the best blogs are simply a better use of my learning time.  Here are the ones I’ve found most valuable in my startup journey.

  • Feld Thoughts by Brad Feld.  An ‘all things startup’ blog written by a VC and targeted to the startup community.  Always insightful, always enjoyable, usually irreverent, this is the best of several excellent VC-written blogs.  Brad runs early stage VC fund Foundry Group, is a co-founder of the TechStars incubator, and impresses me as a generous individual hugely committed to advancing both the Boulder and global startup community.
  • TechCrunch.  The New York Times of the startup world, TechCrunch is a blog form media site that will keep you in the loop on all things entrepreneur, startup, and tech.
  • Steve Blank.  Steve showed the way for turning startup building from black art to art with elegant, science-based process behind it.  He did this in his seminal book Four Steps to the Epiphany.  His blog covers invaluable and insightful topics, much around customer development and lessons from startup war stories new and old.
  • Lessons Learned by Eric Reis.  Eric’s blog is about the Lean Startup methodology, building on Steve Blank’s thinking in a more down int the trenches way.
  • Ash Maurya.  Ash’s blog is customer development and lean startup thinking applied very specifically to web applications startups.  It’s never the same enjoyable but intense 2 minute read of Feld Thoughts.  It’s deep business thinking that requires you to think deeply about its application to your business.  Ash has crystallized more of my most valued entrepreneurial insights than any single other source.
  • A VC by Fred Wilson.  Another great VC-written blog on all things startup, this one from a New York locale, where Fred runs Union Square Ventures.
  • Ask-the-VC.  Here Brad Feld and Foundry have organized answers to a host of great questions founders have for venture capitalists.

Those are the sites high on my RSS home page and that I find myself learning . . . a lot . . . from every week.  Others I also visit frequently include:

Both Sides of the Table;   Ben’s Blog;   Information ArbitrageSeth LevineBryce-dot-VC;   For Entrepreneurs;   How to Change the World;   Startup Marketing Blog

What startup blogs do you gain the most from?


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